Series of objects, 2020
UV printing, expanded clay brick

The theme of the series was the Russian reality of the spring of 2020, which took place under the sign of an unprecedented phenomenon of self-isolation in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The series comprehends this phenomenon in a linguistic way, showing reactions to the isolation on social networks from representatives of the Russian art community. The surface of the brick appears as a carrier of images and text, applied by UV printing. A brick, like a certain container, contains human emotions, impressions and sensations, in this case in the form of text statements in the Facebook feed.
Ironic, emotional, usually addressed to friends, these microtexts are located in the upper part of the brick object, stylized as a geological fossil, separated by a characteristic crack from its lower part. The latter, in turn, is a panel high-rise building, in whose inner private space the personal stories of people isolated from each other unfolded. Thus, objects begin to resemble "archaeological finds", transmitting personal messages from within themselves - outside.